The clinic phone, 920.326.3400, is answered 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week. You can leave a message and we will get back to you on our next business day.

During office hours, the phone rings at the clinic and is answered by the staff. After hours, the clinic utilizes an answering service.

Large Animal Emergencies are handled by our veterinarians. Dr. Geurts or Dr. Elford will return your call as soon as possible and make arrangements to meet you at our clinic or your farm.

After Hours Small Animal Emergencies are referred to Veterinary Emergency Service, East on 4902 East Broadway in Madison, Wisconsin. Please call 608.222.2455 for help.

The Randolph Veterinary Clinic is NOT a fully staffed, 24-hour care, around-the-clock, emergency facility. In the event your pet needs critical care monitoring, Our vets will direct you to an appropriate referral center that can properly care for these critical cases. The Randolph Veterinary Clinic is equipped to handle a wide array of emergency cases. We have an in-house blood chemistry machine providing immediate information regarding your pet’s basic blood chemistry values for quick diagnosis of metabolic disease. The clinic also has in-house, x-ray facilities to evaluate for bone fractures or internal abnormalities in the chest and abdominal cavity. Gas anesthetic is administered to safely and rapidly induce anesthesia when surgery is indicated. We also provide in-house, sick animal hospitalization, including intravenous fluid therapy for critically ill and dehydrated patients

Do NOT use e-mail to contact us in the event of an emergency. Please note: there may be a 24-hour delay for replies during normal business days, and will not be answered during weekends and holidays until the next business day. Contacting us by e-mail should not substitute for calling the clinic for advice or recommendations from the doctors. If your pet is ill, injured, or you have questions regarding your pet’s health, please call the clinic directly instead of waiting for an e‑mail response. We cannot guarantee timeliness of response to e‑mail.